Member Spotlight


Jessica Lauicella Mills

Imperial Western Beer Company

Tell us a bit about your event space.
We have multiple options for events. You can opt to be a "part of the atmosphere" by choosing to rent a portion of the space while we're open to the public. A lot of folks choose this as it's a great way to work with a minimal budget. 

If you'd like a private space, we can accommodate you on our patio, which has it's own private bar. There is also The Streamliner, a separate cocktail bar, that has a very speakeasy feel. It makes for a completely different event, which makes selling this venue so much fun!


Favorite decade?



Tell us one of your top bucket list vacation spots.

The Great Barrier Reef - I love to scuba dive!


If you didn’t work in the events industry, what could you see yourself doing instead?

Something in food and beverage or marine biology


Anything you are binge watching right now?

E.R. is finally streaming so I'm watching that for the first time in decades!


What is your favorite current event trend?

I love the experiential trend. It has completely changed the face of events and encourages collaboration in a whole new way. It forces every facet of events to be involved including food, where my passion lives, in ways it never has before.

Where did you grow up?  If not in California, what brought you here?

I grew up between Ohio, where my family is, and Los Angeles. I've lived in LA three times in my life and for me, it's home.