Past PACE Winners

ILEA Indiana Individual Awards Recipients
*denotes the first year the award was presented

ILEA Indiana Rising Star Award:
2022:  Christina Hudacin, Special Occasion Designs
2021:  Neely Slawson, Nameless Catering
2020:  Miro Arguijo, Accent Indy, a DMC Network Company

2019:  Courtney Colbert, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
2018:  Jessica McCormick, Eventfull Planning
2017:  Amy Payne, Aimed Photography
2016:  Megan Johnston, Accent Indy
2015:  Katie McHone-Jones, Scottish Rite
2014:  Katie Putnam, Centerplate
2013:  Kristin Hornberger, Kristin Hornberger Photography
2012*: Kaylin Dedinsky, Accent Indy

Carson Ray Spirit of ILEA Award:
2022:  Sarah Keeker, Plum & Ploppy
2021:  Megan Johnston, CSEP, DMCPAccent Indy
2020:  Chris La Mar, Chair Covers and Linen
2019:  Jason Ryan, AMS Entertainment
2018:  Renee Miner, Empyrean Events
2017:  Jim Cerone, The Perfect Host
2016:  Sarah Mullins, Accent Indy
2015:  Bob Ridge, Indy Visual
2014:  Dee Haddad, CSEP, Thomas Caterers of Distinction
2013:  Larry Sauer, Encore Entertainment
2012:  Scott Evans, Evans Audio Visual
2011:  Melissa Perry
2010:  Tiffany Stoner, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography
2009:  Mike King, Detail + Design
2008*: Carson Ray, 1st award in his honor

ILEA Lifetime Achievement Award:
2022:  Ken Carter, Aadvanced Limousines
2021:  Chris La Mar, A Classic Party Rental
2020:  Joe Husar, Khan’s Catering

2019:  Scott Evans, Evans Audio Visual & Wow Factors
2018:  Mary Beth Poe, MBP Distinctive Catering
2017:  Larry Sauer, Encore Entertainment
2016:  Pam Parker, JP Parker
2015:  Vince Early, CSEP, Thomas Caterers of Distinction
2014:  Jim Cerone, Jim Cerone, Inc.
2013:  Gene Huddleston, Detail + Design
2012*: Kelly Early, CSEP, Thomas Caterers of Distinction

ILEA Indiana President’s Award
(selected by the President):
2022:  Jessica McCormick, Eventfull Planning
2021:  Christina Hudacin, Special Occasion Designs
2020:  Stephanie Burkhart, Omni Severin Indianapolis
2019:  Amy Payne, Aimed Photography
2018:  Amanda Roell, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum
2017:  Kate Edwards, Indiana Grand
2016:  Tiffany Stoner, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography
2015:  Laura Lim, Eventfull Planning
2014:  Kristin Hornberger, Kristin Hornberger Photography
2013:  Chris La Mar, Chair Covers & Linens
2012*: Sarah Hines, Accent on Indy

ILEA Excellence in Sponsorship (selected by the Programs Committee):
2022:  Special Occasion Designs
2020:  Omni Severin Indianapolis

2019:  Gold Shield Indy Worldwide Transportation
2018:  KB Design
2017:  Empyrean Events
2016:  Chair Covers & Linens
2015*: Thomas Caterers of Distinction & Evans Audio Visual