Chapter Leadership


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ILEA Indiana 2022-2023 Board of Directors

Jessica McCormick
Eventfull Planning

President Elect
Neely Slawson
Nameless Catering

Immediate Past President
Amy Payne
Aimed Photography

VP of Communications
Tony Schaab
The Sixpence

VP of Programs
Stephanie Burkhart
The Omni Severin Hotel

VP of Membership
Christina Hudacin
Special Occasion Designs

Director of Communications
Jenny Sampson
JP Parker Flowers

Director of Programs
Sarah Farthing
All in the Details

Director of Membership
Lauren Loya
Thomas Caterers of Distinction


Director of Programs
Kacie Coats
Horizon Convention Center



Debbie Locklear 1989
Betsy Wiersma CSEP 1990
Sherri Mills 1991
Lynne Mositner 1992
Kevin Markey 1993
Gary Bravard 1994
Mary Kate Myers 1995
Jill Martin 1996
Melissa Cooper Bingham 1996
Melissa Cooper Bingham 1997-1998
Jim King 1998-1999
Deanna L. Bunten 1999-2000
Sally Cooksey CSEP 2000-2001
Mark Thorton 2001-2002
Kelly Early CSEP 2003-2004
Gene Huddleson 2004-2005
Leslie Swathwood 2005-2006
Vince Early CSEP 2006-2007
Kari Strolberg CSEP 2007-2008
Dee Haddad CSEP 2008-2009
Monica Richard MWP 2009-2010
Jim Cerone WED 2010-2011
Jennifer Barenie 2011-2012
Mike King 2012-2013
Sarah Mullins DMCP 2013-2014
Jason Ryan 2014-2015
Kristin Hornberger 2015-2016
Chris LaMar 2016-2017
Kate Edwards CSEP, CMP 2017-2018
Megan Johnston CSEP, DMCP 2018-2019
Amanda Roell 2019-2020
Amy Payne 2020-2021
Amy Payne 2021-2022
Jessica McCormick 2022-2023