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As one who revels in ‘the experience,’ for Ryan, events are about utilizing the characters of our business - food, lighting, video, décor, flowers and more - to craft his client’s story. Combining a love of all things theatric, unstoppable energy, a constant sense of creative curiosity and wonder, with a passion to push the event envelope, Ryan approaches events as opportunities to create moments of magic with lasting experience and brand appeal.

For his work, Ryan has been honored with a host of awards, including nine International Esprit Awards for Best Corporate Event Planning, Non-Profit Planning and Event Marketing and Design. In 2007, Ryan was named by Event Solutions Magazine as a finalist for their Rising Star Spotlight Award, and in 2009, for Event Planner of the West. Ryan’s commentaries and work have graced numerous glossy pages including, Event Solutions Magazine and Special Event Magazine as he is a frequent contributor, commentator and speaker on a host of event topics.

In 2007, Ryan founded BeEvents, an event production and design firm focused on creative strategy. Beyond a brand, BeEvents is a call to action to continuously contribute to the conversation and the experience through the creation of live events focused on the mantra: presence is a powerful thing.

Ryan is a member of the International Special Events Society (ISES), serving on the board of directors for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter and the international Marketing/ Communications committee. He is the 2008-2009 volunteer editor of the ISES Pages for Special Event Magazine.


Gustavus Adolphus College
Minnesota, United States
Communications, Religion, Theatre, Psychology
1999 To 2003

Job History

BeEvents, LLC
Creative Producer/Designer
Minneapolis, MN, United States
July 2007 - present

Menttium Corporation
Various: Creative Director, Event Manager
Minneapolis, MN, United States
January 2004 - April 2008