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    ILEA Vancouver has been using a Board Buddy system for a few years now. It is such a positive system. It introduces us (the board) to our members and the personal touch is invaluable. We reach out to our board buddies to encourage them to attend events, ...

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    Board buddy system

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    Edmonton has implemented a very similar system this year and we had great attendance for our season kick off event last week. I would have to attribute this personal touch at least in part for that. Jody Sent from my iPhone

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    St. Louis has Board Buddies as well J Thank you, Holly Jurgensen St. Louis Chapter, President 314-935-4668 jurgensen@wustl.edu ------Original Message------ Hey Y'all, Just wanted to share something ...

  • Casey, Chicago has found great success in the past couple of years with a 45 minute-1 hour cocktail hour, followed by a 45 minute-1 hour long award program, ending with either a sit down dinner or heavy food stations with drinks and entertainment. We ...

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