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Make the Most Out of Your Membership

ILEA Napa-Sonoma is committed to providing our members with ongoing opportunities to meet new people, develop fresh skills and make a positive impact on ILEA and your career.  If you’ve been thinking of a way to get involved that will best use your time and talents, consider becoming an ILEA Napa-Sonoma volunteer. Serving on ILEA committees, working groups, and board of directors is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

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What Our Committees Do

Membership Committee

Committee members perform some of the following functions:  New Member Outreach, Member Retention, ILEA Membership Promotion, Welcome Table Hosting

Communications/Marketing Committee

Committee members perform some of the following functions: Website Maintenance, Social Media, Marketing for Events and Sponsors, Produce ILEA NSC Newsletter

Programs and Events Committee

Committee members perform some of the following functions:  help set up at ILEA programs and networking events, Sponsorship Outreach, Education Planning and Sip and Learn workshop planning and moderation.

Time Commitment

While the time commitment is not burdensome, we do ask our potential officers and directors to allocate an adequate amount of time to fulfill their commitment. This includes attending monthly meetings and two one-day annual planning retreats. 

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Open Opportunities

We encourage all ILEA Napa-Sonoma members to get involved! You do not need prior experience to apply. If you have questions about where you would be the best fit, or where you would learn the most, please don’t hesitate to ask!  

Open Leadership Positions

We have 1 Director-At-Large position open. 2018-2019 VP and President positions are filled at this time.  Our Nominations Process will be opened on February 13. Our membership year starts July 1.  

All ILEA members, except for student members, are eligible to hold an ILEA office if their membership dues are current.

Gala Party Committee

Help plan the best party of the year! Committee members may be working on sponsorship opportunities, charitable auction planning and full scale event planning. Contact VP, Programs, Pilar Mustafa for more information.

Membership Committee

Seeking Committee Members! Contact our current VP, Membership, Jerry Schultz for more information.

Communications/Marketing Committee

Seeking committee members with an interest in Social Media – YouTube and Pinterest. Contact our current VP, Communications, Betty Lok for more information.

Board of Directors and Leadership Opportunities

2018-2019 VP and President positions are filled at this time.  Our Nominations Process will be opened on February 13. Our membership year starts July 1. 

How Our Board Typically Looks Like

ILEA is part of an international organization. Each chapter, like ours, has programs and events and is run by volunteers on the Board and Committees of each chapter. We have a President, President-Elect, and generally 3 committees – Membership, Programs and Communications. Each committee is chaired by a Vice President (VP). On the Board, the number of combined Officers and Directors-At-Large is thirteen.

Being a Director or VP is a Great Way to Get to Know Everyone!

Being An Officer

President and VP Positions are annually nominated and elected by membership. You do not need prior experience to apply, but you do have to be an ILEA member (corporate or individual membership)!  If you are interested in a leadership opportunity, please contact us today!  

Being A Director-At-Large

Directors typically serve a two-year term. Each director also participates on a committee: Membership, Communications and Programs.  These are all areas where you can serve the chapter and make many new connections and learn new skills. 

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